Wednesday, 30 March 2011

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It's time to post again

By choosing the title of my blog, I've pretty much locked myself in, as far as the update schedule is concerned. It'll be one post per week, and the dear reader might be able to guess which day of the week it'll be.

I plan on cheating, though.
I plan on writing ahead, so that I have several blog entries saved up for later posting. Ideally I should have a month's worth of blog posts saved up, so that I'm well ahead of the game. Of course I might end up with a huge store of unposted blog entries, if I write them much faster than once per week. In that case I think the best choice is to make two or three posts per Wednesday, until I've shot off most of my ready material (right now I have 5 posts partially written, including this one and one other one I'll post today, and ideas for about a dozen more posts). Apart from having less to stress about, this also gives me the benefit that my posts can be better thought out (because I can go back to a text, over the course of weeks, and improve on it, before I post it), thus making me seem even more clever than I actually am. It's a "win-win situation", to use a technical term.

If a post is particularly boring, such as this one, I'll try to have a second post on the same day, to compensate.

Most people post to their blogs whenever they have something to say, but as far as this blog is concerned, I think I should follow a strict posting schedule. I'm dimly aware of part of the reason for why Fred feels this way (and another part is simply liking the idea of seeming more clever than I am), but I'm not going to talk about the first part (whereas trying to deny having a big ego would be silly).

I will almost certainly go back and edit old posts, sometimes, perhaps adding new information (or moving parenthetical information down to footnotes), correcting typos and grammar errors, adding new links or updating old ones (including so-called "monetization" links, although this blog isn't about generating income). So you might want to re-read my old posts, once in a while, or at least skim them to see if new content has been added. Don't worry about content being removed, unless I've caught myself in a mistake and decided to 1984 it (which is quite likely - both the me making a mistake part, and even more so the me deciding to pretend it never happened part).

This is the go-to-post to see what this blog is about. I can't foresee that I'll update it - the original posted form pretty much tells it as it is - but I might.

In addition to thoughtful posts about story-making, genres (yeah, pretty much only those two, although I'll also take a severe dump on say some impolite things about the horror genre at some point - sue me!), writing and reading, world building, and so forth, I'll probably eventually make a few posts of link collections. Right now I'm foreseeing one with links to interesting places on the web that pertain to the subject matter of this blog, and much later on one with links to my own various projects. And possibly one or two other posts with links of other types. Such posts will get updated, and may be worth checking 2-3 times a year. Maybe I'll do a FAQ about this blog, next year when there might be enough imaginary questions to answer. I'm not sure yet.

Oh, and my name is Peter Knutsen. I'm not the only Peter Knutsen on the Internet, but if you're wondering whether I'm that Peter Knutsen, the notorious one, the answer is almost certainly yes. (And if there is another Peter Knutsen out there that's more notorious than I am, I want him shot and killed, right now.)

Peter Knutsen typed these letters

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