Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Elfland Article Index

It's Wednesday again...

This post is an article index, a collection of links to articles with a given theme, in this case the Elfland theme, which can with some fairness be described as a distinct project within this blog, although it does pertain to the fantasy genre,.

Historicity and D&D-Land 1/6
The "initial rant".
Historicity: Welcome to Elfland 2/6
Food scarcity, drink, coinage, horses, wealth graph, equality.
Historicity: Welcome to Elfland 3/6
Family trees/children, religion (and chaos), arms, sex, slavery.
Historicity: Welcome to Elfland 4/6
Vagueness, clothes, bodymods, hair/beards, knives/medicine, living spaces, taverns, learning and crafts.
Historicity: Welcome to Elfland 5/6
Patrons, gift economy, travel/hospitality, towns and walls, eating, sleep, infant mortality
Elfland bibliography, short
Just a list of titles, sorted into categories
Elfland bibliography, detailed - novels
Novels, sorted into sub-categories, with a short description of each
Elfland bibliography, detailed - non-fiction books, and films
Film and non-fiction books, sorted into sub-categories, with a short description of each
Elfland bibliography, detailed - other
Other material, sorted into sub-categories, with a short description of each

I'm still working on the longer bibliography articles, now and then, describing each item with at least a few sentences, now and then, but may write a short one first (merely a list) just to get it out of the way. Also I might write additional articles with a direct Elfland theme, but probably ones more specialized than the above. If I do that, I'll add them to this index, but right now I'm not sure if such articles will be written. If I come across any small topics that I feel like touching upon, I'll just add them into the existing articles, e.g. the way I added information about the King's Circuit and imprisonment to the 2/6 article (since both pertain to food scarcity, or at least to food non-abundance).

Also, some time ago I had the idea of re-organizing the Elfland articles, essentially creating a new series of posts, with the same content, but re-arranged so that each post has a more distinct theme, e.g. one post on how people lived (food/drink/clothes/homes), one post on how society was organized (religion, patrons, wealth graph), but now that I've "indexed" the contents of the four content posts, I no longer think that that'd be a particularly good use of my time. They're not too badly organized as they are, and I am - sadly - quite limited in my ability to work.

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